INTRO: Unconstrained by conventional tonal and rhythmic paradigms, master musicians Joey Baron and Robyn Schulkowsky continue to explore the precise, noisy, and beautiful.The duo’s past 15 years have included the release of the cd “Dinosaur Dances”, a residency at Grand Central Station NYC, along with performances and workshops in South America , the U.S., Europe, and China.The duo continues research in sonification with data psychologist Dr Nilam Ram (studio lab).Recent events include a world premiere performance in Merano, Italy playing the sculptures of artist Eduard Habicher.A double concerto by composer Christian Wolff is in the works for the future as well as the duo’s second cd release “Now You Hear Me”.


CONCERTS:CITY: Lisbon, PTVienna, ATVENUE / FESTIVAL Jazz Em Augusto FestivalPorgy & BessPROJECT: Joey Baron & Robyn SchulkowskyJoey Baron & Robyn Schulkowsky 2019 09 AUG12 SEP



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INFO:CONCERT - WORKSHOP COMBINATION If you wish, a concert can be combined with a workshop the day before (or after, or even on the day of the concert). The workshop is a hands-on group approach. Each participant is encouraged to deepen her/his understanding of compositional ensemble playing. Within the group the musicians offer individual guidance towards the development of sound production, time, 'feel", technical skills, and above all, listening.  Suggested workshop length: 4 hours. 

Joey Baron &

Robyn Schulkowsky




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