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Tineke Postma Foto: Merlijn Doomernik
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As one of the most prolific and respected musicians to emerge from the vibrant Dutch scene, saxophonist and composer Tineke Postma has been touring internationally as a leader since 2003. With a catalogue of six albums her international profile has resulted in the Rising Star on soprano award in the Downbeat Critics Poll 2019 and seen her perform alongside greats such as Herbie Hancock on International Jazz Day (watch here from 30:00').

Tineke is a musician of inventiveness and creativity, not afraid to explore the unknown, and revels in the inspiration of the master, Wayne Shorter, who once told her, before going on stage to perform together, “Let’s start composing”.

Her previous album FREYA, released in March 2020, marked the beginning of a new era for Tineke. After some years of performing more as a guest soloist than bandleader, and active in her role as a mother, this album represented a fresh start with a new label, refreshed energy and an exciting band with an output collectively inspired by experiences she has gathered throughout her career. 

For Tineke’s upcoming album ARIA she formed a new group consisting of prolific and highly acclaimed guitarist Ben Monder, bassist Robert Landfermann and drummer Tristan Renfrow.  This exciting group embarks on an adventurous journey, exploring new realms and manifold ways to interpret her work. ARIA will be released by Edition Records on May 12th, spring of 2023.


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Tineke Postma – ARIA Group

Tineke Postma, sax

Ben Monder, guitar (sub) Martón Fenyvesi

Robert Landfermann, double bass

Tristan Renfrow, drums


“A saxophonist of the highest calibre and her new album Freya is a truly excellent recording, sure to become a favourite of many jazz listeners this year.”

London Jazz News (UK)

“(Tineke Postma)…who had already won us over with her six previous productions, just like Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock who took her by their side, released a dazzling ‘ Freya ‘ at Edition Records , with the best of the New York scene…”

France Musique (FR)