Oran Etkin Quartet

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Whether standing in front of an orchestra or sitting crosslegged on the floor surrounded by a gaggle of children, Oran Etkin’s work is about imagination, expression, playfulness and emotion. It draws its strength from the conviction that the true power of music lies not just in the individual's pursuit of technical mastery but in the joyful and soulful creation of community! 

Etkin's unique sound on the clarinet, bass-clarinet and saxophone emanates from an openness to deep musical connections that often transcend cultural and generational boundaries. In April 2020 Etkin launched the Open Arms project - a monthly release of singles and music videos recorded & filmed around the world with master musicians in Rio de Janeiro, Harrare Zimbabwe, Prague, São Paulo, Paris and more. 

In Etkin’s Timbalooloo concerts for children, a different kind of connection is formed, that transcends generational boundaries. Instruments come to life and speak through their music. Etkin’s friend Clara Net (his clarinet) comes to the concert in her bed, and then calls for her mother, Big Mama Tuba, who answers with a rumble from the back of the audience. Together they take the children on a journey through different musical cultures and traditions. Timbalooloo, which was featured on a Grammy Award Winning album, has been embraced by thousands of parents including Naomi Watts, Live Schreiber, Martha Stewart, Ken Burns and Edie Falco, all of whom enrolled their children or grand-children in Etkin's Timbalooloo educational program. Harvey Keitel remarked "our son was talking about Herbie Hancock, Mozart, Samba and African music - and he knew the difference!" When Herbie Hancock heard about all the children learning his music through Timbalooloo, he invited Etkin's band to perform in Paris for UNESCO's International Jazz Day. 




Oran Etkin, bass clarinet

Frederico Casagrande, guitar

Petros Klampanis, double bass

Ziv Ravitz, drums


“Etkin is a true troubadour, a visionary who… because of his unifying powers should be heard everywhere these days.”

– Jazz Podium (DE)

“This is world music in the true sense, not a lazy hybrid but a personal sound born out of deep respect for diverse musical traditions.”

Irish Times (IR)