Larry Goldings

Larry Goldings: Imre Barta
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If it has a keyboard, Larry Goldings will always be game to give it a whirl. Perhaps best known for the organ trio Goldings / Bernstein / Stewart, Goldings grew up primarily as a pianist, but, "home organs, analog synths, melodicas - what have you - were equally significant during my formative years. I was very content in my childhood basement, as a one-man band, pretty much from the start. It got me thinking about color, texture, orchestration, and what it feels like to simultaneously be a bass player. I love having other colors at my disposal, because it leads me down new roads, with new emotional and storytelling possibilities." 

Larry’s solo performance features him as a pianist, and/or whatever keyboard instruments each venue can provide, creating an evening of spontaneous, creative, and eclectic music. Possibly ruining the evening will be guest artist Hans Groiner, known for removing the best parts of musical ideas. One critic said of his Thelonious Monk interpretations, “Kill me now”. 

Goldings also is active as a composer, arranger, and producer. His compositions reflect a wide listening palette -- from Duke Ellington to Gabriel Fauré -- in addition to more contemporary artists like Randy Newman, Björk, and Chico Buarque. Goldings' songs have been recorded by Michael Brecker, Till Brönner, Jack DeJohnette, Bob Dorough, Jim Hall, Jane Monheit, Gaby Moreno, John Scofield, Mark Sholtez, Sia, Curis Stigers, and Toots Thielemans. Goldings' music also has been featured in television shows and motion pictures, including, "The Office," "Proof," and "Funny People."





“More than a gifted pianist, organist, and 20-yr member of James Taylor’s band, Larry Goldings is also the brilliant comic mind behind the viral CPAC “national anthem” video and, as most jazz fans know, the madcap “Hans Groiner” character, an “expert” on Thelonious Monk’s music who “improves it by making it more relaxing and less offensive to the ear.”

– Allen Morrison (full interview)

“Pianist Larry Goldings’ In My Room is the perfect example of music that thrives on small doses of the sentimental, and is all the better for it…. Goldings distills the music down to its melodic essence, getting to the emotional core of the music with complete honesty and integrity.”

-Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz