Goldings / Bernstein / Stewart


In the mid 1990's, The New York Times described Larry Goldings, Peter Bernstein, and Bill Stewart as "the best organ trio of the last decade."  The trio, which has now been together for over 20 years, has been recognized for charting new ground, with its synergistic playing, yet thoughtful music.  They have recorded eight albums and one DVD together, all of which display their distinctive sound, whether exploring the depths of jazz standards, or playing their own original compositions.  Their newest offering, Live at Smalls, (Smalls Live) is their first live record, and captures the group's energy and creativity from the New York City jazz club that helped garner their reputation as one of the greatest organ trios playing today. 

Goldings, Bernstein, and Stewart celebrate over three decades as a trio with Perpetual Pendulum, a scintillating program combining their clever originals with fresh takes on jazz classics. And, while 30 years is not quite an eternity – although in jazz terms, it might as well be – they show no signs of slowing down.


In promotion of their latest album “Perpetual Pendulum” (2022)



Larry Goldings, hammond organ

Peter Bernstein, guitar

Bill Stewart, drums


"Two of the best organ trios of the last decade have featured the same three players. Technically speaking, it's just one group, variously billed as the Larry Goldings Trio (on several albums) or the Peter Bernstein Trio (on a recent DVD). Consisting of Mr. Goldings on organ, Mr. Bernstein on guitar and Bill Stewart on drums, it fulfills all of the standard criteria capably and rewardingly, without trying to reinvent the wheel."

Nate Chinen - The New York Times